Browhaus Brow Resurrection

This week I was invited to experience a Brow Resurrection treatment at the Browhaus salon in Covent Garden. Their signature treatment is suitable for anyone who experiences challenges with their brows including sparse hair growth, thinning brows and also gaps in the brows. It is even recommended for those who have little or no brows after receiving medical treatment. My Brow Architect Priya explained that it is also popular with men.

The correct brow shape and colour can lift the face and provide the perfect frame for the eyes. Fuller brows are considered more youthful.
Created in Singapore, Brow Resurrection is a semi-permanent treatment which can lengthen, thicken and create a fuller look. Browhaus are at the forefront of brow technology and use patented, unique techniques. Priya explained that the Browhaus team regularly train and review their formulations to ensure they are the best that they can be. Before my treatment could be confirmed I had a thorough consultation with Priya over the phone. We reviewed my medical history, allergies and any other possible contraindications.

The  Browhaus salon is beautifully decorated and doesn’t have a clinical appearance – the decoration is completely decadent.

The Browhaus imagery is quirky and eye catching – excuse the pun – I couldn’t resist!

Before my treatment Priya and I reviewed my consultation form and had an extensive discussion regarding my expectations of the treatment. I had made up my brows as I usually would so that Priya could see the shape and density of colour that I liked.

After removing my make-up on the brow area Priya pencilled in the shape that she felt would suit me – we then discussed and tweaked this  – this stage is critical as it acts as the template that your Brow Architect follows. Priya’s professional and friendly manner ensured that I felt I could ask questions at any time. My concern with my brows is that they both finish short on the inner edges above my nose and this is the area I always filled-in extensively with make-up. I have always darkened my brows as I wear my hair colour darker than my natural shade.
A numbing cream was then applied across my brow area and left to take effect for 20 minutes. We then discussed in detail the treatment tools and shade choice . A non-toxic organic vegetable dye is worked into the top layer of the skin using a form of needle with several micro-fine tips. Once the numbing cream had taken effect we were ready to start. The treatment was in no way painful however it was at first a strange sensation that I can only liken to having several brow hairs plucked out at once. Once I got used to this sensation I fully relaxed and lost all sense of time. After around 30 minutes Priya applied a numbing serum and continued to perfect her work for another few minutes.
Finally the time for the big reveal – I initially looked in the mirror whilst I was still lying on the bed  – my brows looked good. However once I sat up and looked again in exactly the way I would normally look in a mirror – face on – I was astounded!!!

Before treatment
Before treatment

After treatment
After treatment


My whole brow looked more defined and shaped but on the inner edges where I had no natural hair, I now had what looked exactly like hairs!! Priya had inked-in super-fine hairs to form a perfect brow. To anyone looking at my face from a distance of more than about 1 inch away they look exactly like real hair. It’s only upon close inspection that you can see that they are not real hair. After the initial application Priya explained that the appearance of my brows may be darker for a few days until they start to heal.
She finished off my treatment by fully explaining and applying my after care kit. This is a serum and balm to help the colour fix and the skin to heal. I must apply these two products morning and evening for the next ten days. I was also given some aftercare information which included avoiding prolonged exposure to water on the brow area or excessive exercise that would cause sweating for the ten day healing period.
After this initial treatment you are required to go back  a month later to have the treatment ‘topped up’. If you adhere to the aftercare advice and complete your treatment with the follow up appointment your perfected brows should last between 1½ to 2 years. My follow-up treatment is just before Christmas so once that is complete I will update you with a final photo.
At a cost of £550 for full brow treatment this is a real investment. However if you are challenged by a lack of brow hair and definition, it is certainly something that I would recommend wholeheartedly.
I was not charged for my treatment.

7 thoughts on “Browhaus Brow Resurrection

  1. I have to admit Nikki your brows look absolutely amazing! After being over-threaded a few years back, mine have struggled to grow back x

  2. Wow! Nikki! Your brows look absolutely fantastic and suit you perfectly! From a distance there is no way of knowing that you have had this treatment, which just proves the professionalism and expertise of Browhaus! Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much Sharon – I’m really pleased with the results too.
      It’s so important to find the right salon and skilled hands to perform this level of treatment .

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