Browhaus Brow Resurrection tune-up

One month on from my semi-permanent brow treatment I returned to Browhaus in Covent Garden for my scheduled tune-up. (My first visit and video diary is here.)

Once again I met with Priya, my Brow Architect, so that she could see the results of her work so far. This tune-up visit was to fill-in gaps and add definition to make my brows look even more polished.

As with my initial treatment I relaxed while a numbing cream went to work on my brow area. This ensured that my treatment was again completely pain-free.

Numbing cream on brows
Numbing cream on brows

Immediately after my first treatment the result was already striking – my real brows are shorter than I’d like and I always fill them in with make-up to lengthen them.

Before and after initial treatment
Before and after initial treatment

The end result of my tune-up was fantastic. I now have brows that start from where I want them to and with a density of “hair” that blends with my real brows.

After tune-up
After tune-up

My strong brows (along with a strong red lip!) are features that have defined my make-up look forever so this treatment has made a big impact on my morning routine. No longer do I need to spend time filling-in non-existent bits of brow.

My whole experience with Browhaus from telephone consultation to my initial treatment to this tune-up appointment was fantastic. Special thanks to Priya for her amazing skills and work!

I was not charged for this treatment.

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