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The winter months are the perfect time to start treating the signs of ageing. It is widely acknowledged that one of the most effective ways of treating the common signs of ageing is to use Vitamin A in your skincare routine. However Vitamin A or Retinol as it is also known can come with its own challenges, too low a percentage of Retinol in your products will have little or no effect and too high can bring dryness and peeling to the skin on the first use. Retinol products are normally designed only for overnight use as this ingredient can cause sun sensitivity.

The word Verso means reverse in Latin and the Verso skin care line aims to reverse some of the signs of ageing including fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and pigmentation. Verso is a simple but effective unisex skincare line from Sweden which features a Vitamin A acid complex called Retinol 8. Retinol 8 complex is unique, clinically proven and patented. It is proven to be 8 times more effective than standard over the counter Retinol products on the market and because of this it can be used in much lower percentages so minimising the risk of dryness, peeling and allergies.

Retinol 8 is included throughout the range – except in the cleanser – so by using several of the products you are maximising the benefits. However if you so wish you can insert just one or two of the products into your existing routine. The entire range is suitable for all skin types.

I’ve selected my key products from the range.

Verso Skincare
Verso Skincare

Verso Foaming Cleanser 

This soothing and gently foaming cleanser will cleanse the skin and remove light make-up whilst leaving the skin feeling smooth and comfortable. Contains Papaya enzyme and Mango enzyme to gently exfoliate the skin without the need for harsh grains. Can be used morning and evening.

Verso Super Facial Serum

This serum has a high dose of Retinol 8. It helps to boost the skins own production of collagen whilst reducing fine lines and pigmentation. Adding this serum into your routine will help improve skin texture, tone and pigmentation. Also contains anti-oxidant Turmeric extracts and Hyaluronic acid for plumping and firming. Use morning and evening after cleansing.

Verso Day Cream

This day cream offers moisture and protection. The inclusion of Retinol 8 helps to boosts skin collagen production whilst reducing fine lines and treating pigmentation. Niacinamide – vitamin B3 – improves the radiance and glow of the skin. Contains SPF 15.

Verso Night Cream

Using this cream nightly helps to repair and calm the skin. As before Retinol 8 helps to boost skin collagen production so reducing fine lines and treating pigmentation. Niacinamide – vitamin B3 – improves the radiance and glow of the skin. This light-textured formula also contains Oat extract to calm the skin and vitamin C to brighten.

Verso Super Eye Serum

This light eye serum will treat all the main signs of ageing around the eye area including fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. Retinol 8 supports collagen production so reducing fine lines around the eye area whilst minimising pigmentation and Niacinamide boosts micro-circulation. It also contains anti-oxidants to brighten and peptides which strengthen the skin around the eye area.

Verso Super Facial Oil

This is the newest product into the Verso line. Super Facial Oil can be used as an alternative to the Verso Super Facial Serum if you prefer an oil texture. If you have drier skin you may layer the oil over the serum and finish with your moisturiser. Contains Sunflower oil and Canola oil to hydrate and moisturise the skin. Contains Retinol 8 to boost collagen production minimising fine lines. Retinol 8 also helps to treat pigmentation. This oil is light in texture. I can’t tell you about this product without mentioning the fabulous packaging. The set includes four airtight vials of Super Facial oil and a chic Bakelite case to house your current vial.

Verso Super Facial Oil
Verso Super Facial Oil

So whether you are looking to improve your skin over the winter months  or if you feel that the past few months have taken a toll on your skin give Verso a try, it’s made a big difference to my skin.

Note that I have undertaken paid consultancy work for Verso Skincare but these opinions are my own and this post has not been sponsored.


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