Skincare For Fast Results!

I’m going to recommend some of my favourite skincare products that will get your skin camera-ready in a few weeks if not quicker!

If you are starting a new skincare routine it is best to give it a few months before any big event but there are several products that can make a difference that little bit faster. So whether you are super organised and ahead of the game or panicking as a big event approaches, take a look at my quick fixes below.  All recommendations are suitable for both men and women and can be added into your existing skin care routine.

Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm
Introducing a cleansing balm into your routine will give a much deeper cleanse than just using a face wash or dare I say it the dreaded face wipe! Apply onto dry skin and massage well – this will emulsify any dirt and make up. Remove with a warm flannel or wash cloth. Skin will benefit from both the deep cleanse and the massage and will look brighter and fresher. This luxurious balm contains essential oils that evoke the feeling of a visit to the spa. I’d recommend using this for your evening cleanse and a face wash in the morning.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold
Liquid Gold is an overnight treatment containing Glycolic Acid to exfoliate away the dead skin cells that give the complexion that dull, sallow appearance. Additionally by lowering the PH of the skin (from regular PH5 to PH3) it stimulates cell repair and renewal. Adding Liquid Gold into your routine just three nights a week will help to treat skin problems such as dullness, open pores, blackheads and pigmentation. Apply on a cotton wool pad – experience a little tingle and then straight to bed and you will wake up with a smoother plumper skin. When using any type of Glycolic or acid resurfacing product please ensure that you wear a minimum SPF 30 daily.

Roloxin Lift Instant Smoothing Mask
This instant lift mask is new to the UK market. It has a breakthrough patented formulation that shrinks as the mask dries to instantly lift and tighten the skin. Leave on for between 7-10 minutes and once dry rinse off to reveal a smoother skin that looks lifted for up to 24 hours.  Your skin will appear firmer with pores and fine lines more refined. Use once a week. This mask comes packaged in sachets so perfect to share. Ideal to pack for that ‘morning after skin’ you may experience post-celebration.

Roloxin Lift
Roloxin Lift

Antonia Burrell Radiant Light Facial Serum
This 100% natural oil based serum contains 18 pure plant extracts including Frankincense, Carrot Root Extract and Rosewood. This oil should be applied two or three evenings a week – you only need three drops pressed into the skin. It will bring radiance to the skin whilst also helping to treat scarring, blemishes and sun damage. Don’t be afraid of using a face oil even if you have oily skin. Adding this type of formula into your routine will help to balance out your own skin oil production.

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster
This little bottle of magic drops is a totally new way to self-tan.  You simply add up to three drops to your existing moisturiser, this means you are not forgoing the benefits of your usual routine to use self-tan. It is also customisable so should you wish your tan to be a little deeper then add an extra drop or two. This product is also available in a formulation that can be added into your body moisturiser for an overall glow.

Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion
There is one skin care problem that effects both men and women equally. The appearance of Keratosis Pilaris (bumpy “chicken-like” skin) on the tops of arms and sometimes legs can be a long term problem that is difficult to resolve. Exfoliation alone will not cure this problem. This body lotion contains high levels of natural AHA Lactic Acid to exfoliate the skin and encourage cell turnover. Skin conditioning oils then help to keep the skin hydrated and smooth. Ideally start using this product for at least one month prior to your big day. This range also has a Skin Smoothing Body Mitt and Skin Smoothing Body Polish for added results.

NIOD Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate
This is the first long term treatment lip product that I have used. Traditional lip plumpers on the market tend to work for a few minutes by stimulating blood flow to the lips from the inclusion of ingredients such as capsicum – yes that’s right – chilli!!!! NIOD Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate offers an immediate effect but also has long term benefits. Continued use of this results in enhancement of lip colour, texture and contour. The serum improves production of collagen and hyaluronic acid whilst also improving hydration of the lip area. Use twice daily for thirty days and then reduce to once a day. The additional bonus is that this does not leave the lips with a sticky, glossy finish like most other products on the market.

NIOD Photography Fluid, Opacity 12%
This product is an advanced, colourless priming fluid that gives you a skin that is radiant in real life but specifically through the camera lens. It is for this reason it has been already labelled the ‘selfie serum’.  The formulation offers immediate hydration that lasts for 48hrs after each application. With the inclusion of the pigments this fluid is not greatly emollient so I prefer to either mix a drop with my moisturiser or my foundation. The result you see is as if a lightbulb has been switched on within the skin. It has no large glitter particles nor does it have the silicone feel of many primers, so is popular with both sexes. So here’s a little techno info on how Photography Fluid works. Firstly it contains ultra-fine light refraction particles which refract the light to create an even toned appearance to the skin. Nano prismatic gold technology gives a natural golden warmth to the skin and a new patented bio fruit complex from Dragon Fruit brings immediate radiance to the skin. The addition of hue correction technologies knocks out the red tones in the skin and also minimises yellow tones too. The priming action comes from a lightweight breathable film that is perspiration resilient and gives long wear to the light correction benefits described above.

NIOD Photography Fluid, Opacity 12%
NIOD Photography Fluid, Opacity 12%

Adding a couple of these wonder products into your existing routine could not only resolve some skincare challenges you may have but also result in a more radiant, smoother you!

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