bodhi & birch – a great British brand

bodhi & birch is one of those rare brands that comes along once in a while. The rarity is that ALL of the products are equally effective, desirable and giftable. The other reason I adore this brand is that it has a story behind it and that story starts with the founder, Elijah Choo.

Nikki Taylor with bodhi & birch founder Elijah Choo
Nikki Taylor with bodhi & birch founder Elijah Choo

Elijah was born in Singapore and grew up with the influences of a south East Asian Chinese household around him. The culture focused on the connection between food and wellbeing, the balance of energy and nourishment of both body and soul. As a child he loved exploring his mother’s western beauty products which were often gifted to her from relatives who’d travelled outside of Singapore.

Like many of us that end up in the beauty industry, when young Elijah created home-made face masks but unlike most of us he would often collect his ingredients from the rainforests.

Through his early adult life Elijah travelled extensively across Asia, North Africa and India. During these times he continued to absorb knowledge on new ingredients and cultures. He had always been creative and had studied corporate design and marketing.

Elijah found love in Singapore but with an Englishman so a move to the UK became his next adventure.

The birth of bodhi & birch really started once Elijah settled in Worcestershire and took on the renovation of a 16th century farmhouse. Elijah believes that moving to Bittell Farm grounded him.  He says “the move to this magical farm became a pivotal point for me – it was like I had been collecting information and knowledge all my life and I wanted to use this and give back”.

And this was where the brand was born, as with most good brands Elijah personally found a need. All the renovation work and constant washing of hands was really drying out his skin. He wanted to create a natural product line with no harsh chemicals that was effective and that also gave a sensory experience with evocative scents.

Working on his kitchen table he blended and created products whose natural ingredients were often inspired by those that grew around him on Bittell Farm. His ultimate goal was to prove that a botanical line could be created without compromising on efficacy and luxury.

This award winning Eco luxury skincare brand contains high levels of active botanicals that have therapeutic benefits to enhance wellbeing – something I believe we all crave in these busy times. Bodhi’s three key differentiators are the products effect on the senses, the overall benefits on the skin and the signature fragrances – all natural and created personally by Elijah.

So here are just a few of my recommendations for you…..

Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil

Perfect for a drier skin especially those concerned with ageing. Once you start using this gloriously smelling oil your skin radiance and tone will improve and fine lines appear softer.

I saw a brightness and glow in my skin and an improvement in dehydration and dryness.

A blend of Damask Rose, Neroli and Sandalwood transports you to an exotic hideaway. A base of Argan and Rose Hip oil gives this product a very fine texture. This oil has become a favourite part of my evening ritual.

Neroli Lucé Revitalising Face Oil

This oil is designed for normal, combination and blemish prone skin. It is also perfect if your skin is looking dull and tired. Don’t be afraid to use an oil if your skin is on the oiler side. This oil will help to balance out your skins own oil production. Neroli from Tunisia rebalances your skin whilst Frankincense brings back radiance. Sea buckthorn oil is rich in Vitamin A and omegas. This will help with healing of blemishes.

I would recommend to introduce one of these oils into your routine at least 8 weeks prior to any big day. You only need 2-3 drops applied over your serum and under your moisturiser to see an improvement in your skin.

Mint Thé Temple Balm

This little black jar of magic is jam-packed with potent essential oils of the finest quality mixed into a Shea Butter and Babassu oil base. The essential oils include White Camphor which is excellent in treating muscle aches and bruises, it is also a great stress reliever. Cajeput is wonderful at relieving headache pains as it has analgesic properties. Frankincense is uplifting and a great energy booster and finally Eucalyptus is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

bodhi & birch Mint Thé Temple Balm
bodhi & birch Mint Thé Temple Balm

I have used this on hot sticky journeys to cool and ground me, for headaches, insect bites and garden rashes. It is also fantastic at helping me focus – a little on the temples and base of the neck gives me a reboot mid-afternoon. A total must-have on board any plane journey.

Next the body products – I have picked a combination of both relaxing and uplifting products.

Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub

This is my go to product to recondition and retexture the skin on the body. Perfect pre skin exposure either on your wedding day or honeymoon. The hand harvested Himalayan salt crystals are mineral rich with 84 trace elements and minerals to detox, stimulate cell regeneration and calm the body. An oil blend of Rosemary, Geranium and Cedar wood bring a reviving yet balancing effect. Finally the inclusion of Shea Butter and Grapeseed Oil soften and condition the skin. Massage onto a damp skin and either step into the shower or soak in the bath. Both your skin and your mind will be revitalised. Note that his product is not recommended during pregnancy.

Rosemary Chi Bath and Shower Therapy

This reviving shower and bath product with the perfect synergy of Rosemary, Mandarin, Geranium and Cedar wood will bring about a sense of calm to the mind. Perfect if you are feeling a little out of sorts. Ideal for a shower before the craziness of the day begins. The cleansing base is a combination of coconut oil and fruit sugars so non-drying on the skin.

Jasmine Falls Bath and Shower Therapy

A de-stressing blend of Jasmine, Lavender and Vetiver calms the mind and soothes the body.

An ideal end of the day treat for a relaxing bath. If you find your mind racing once your head hits the pillow this is perfect to encourage a relaxing and restful night’s sleep. The cleansing base is a combination of coconut oil and fruit sugars so non-drying on the skin.

Ginger Brew Massage and Body Oil

I cannot be without this body oil in my emergency drawer. It is my go to product after a few hours gardening – used after a relaxing bath I now longer wake in the morning stiff and achy.

This blend of oils certainly sounds more like an Asian food recipe but the potent blend of Plai, Galangal, Turmeric and Ginger certainly soothe both physical and mental stress. This oil base is a light weight Grape seed oil so easily absorbed. This formula is based on the ritual of Thai massage.

Flora Paradiso De-Stress Massage and Body Oil

Heady Ylang-Ylang, Lavender and Atlas Cedar wood bring about a sense of calm and serenity. I find the fragrance of this oil sensuous and relaxing. The formula of this oil is based on the rituals of ancient massage from the Balinese of Indonesia. It is also perfect for locking in moisture to the skin leaving it glowing but not greasy.

If I’ve whetted your appetite for bodhi & birch please head over to their website to find out more about this wonderful brand.

2 thoughts on “bodhi & birch – a great British brand

  1. I now have most of the things you mentioned on here Nikki .You have started me on a path I can’t turn back I love it so much especially the rosemary chi scrub and oils .My next purchase is going to be the full sizes of the cleanse tone and moisturise .This is one of the most beautiful brands I ever used in my life and can’t wait to sample everything else.I,m not going to say its your fault you got me on to this I am just going to say thankyou x

    1. Margaret – thank you for your lovely comment .I’m so happy you are enjoying this brand – I agree it’s a stunning range of products and a great price for the quality.

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