Hand Chemistry Heel Hydration Complex

Being a big fan of Hand Chemistry hand cream I was very excited to try this foot care cream from the same range. Although my feet don’t seem to have seen much sun this year I always take care of them with treatments at home and an occasional pedicure in a salon.

Hand Chemistry Heel Hydration Complex
Hand Chemistry Heel Hydration Complex

This foot cream works in a different way to others on the market, it doesn’t just soften dry skin it also works to rebalance skin hydration to stop that hard skin cycle. I’m sure you’ve all found that often when you remove hard skin on your feet it comes back twice as quick and just as rough – not when you use this tube of magic!

This cream doesn’t contain any peeling ingredients just pure hydration from ingredients like Antarctic Marine complex plus Calendula to heal. I use this every other evening after my bath however for severe dryness you can use twice daily and you will see a dramatic improvement. This is a must-have foot cream for me all year round.

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