Love me, love my Red Lips

I grew up with iconic images of women wearing a perfectly-painted red lip. From Elvira Mistress of the Night (1980’s horror fans will know who I mean) to Siouxsie Sioux to Louise Brooks to Audrey Hepburn – all dark-haired, strong women with a signature red lip. The other iconic red lip image that always stays with me is the sumptuous mouth of Dr Frank N. Furter at the start of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
I probably have more lipsticks in my make-up collection than any other category of product and I’d say at least 90% of those are red. I love the simplicity of a red lip, the boldness of a red lip and in my case the wear-it-anywhere-ness of a red lip. I’ve tried to do a nude lip but it’s just not for me. I tend to lean more towards a blue-based red as I feel it gives a more polished look and I don’t really go for anything with a lot of shine and definitely no shimmer. Here I reveal my favourites, old and new.
MDMflow, Chanel, Mac, Charlotte Tilbury
MDMflow, Chanel, Mac, Charlotte Tilbury

Mac Ruby Woo Matte

My favourite go-to is Mac Ruby Woo – a classic matte red. I love the texture and tone of this lip colour and I have one very well-used one and one in my stash. What is it about a brand new red lipstick? This lipstick has amazing staying power and the one I can always rely upon whatever event I’m attending.

Chanel Rouge Allure Pirate
Every girl grows up wanting a Chanel lipstick in her make up bag – well I did! More of a classic lipstick texture but still not too much shine. As much as I love the colour of this lipstick I think I love the packaging more. The metal casing holds the lipstick and when you press the base the lipstick pops out, genius and something a little different. Chanel do luxury so well.

Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red Matte Revolution
I love the shape of the bullet on these lippies, they are chiseled to enable you to really get good definition. I still always wear a lip liner with red lipstick though and more about that later. This lipstick is velvety soft, like a cashmere kiss. This lipstick is also super hydrating. As the name suggests the tone and texture of this lipstick is pure 1940’s glamour.

MDMflow Supreme
I feel that the texture of this lipstick really reminds me of lipsticks years ago – a proper lipstick but wrapped up in a James Bond meets Jay-Z gold bullet. This lipstick is slightly deeper in tone than some of the above. It has great staying power. Florence still makes all of her lipsticks by hand so a lot of love goes into each precious bullet.

Mac D is for Danger Matte
This is a new addition to the matte range of Mac lipstick – I have several and not all are red but boy they’re all bright. D for Danger is much more of a berry tone and is certainly predicted to be the big tone for A/W 15. Again long lasting this gives a vampy more gothic look. I have been wearing this with a shot of Ruby Woo in the centre of my lips for that two-tone ombrรฉ look.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Kiss ‘n’ Tell
This is my favourite lip liner to go with all of the above. This is the perfect red lip liner. I adore Charlotte’s lip liners as they are quite firm and act as a real barrier to stop your lipstick bleeding. Again for longer wear you can totally fill in your lips with this before applying your chosen lipstick – the only lipstick I don’t do this with is Ruby Woo as it lasts long enough on its own.

I often get complimented on my lipstick and then people say “I wish I could rock a red lip” – you can, the answer is to find the right one for you in both texture and colour. So when you next have a few minutes in a cosmetic hall go and try some on – ask the consultants for advice as it’s what they are there for and believe me it’s one of the most commonly-asked questions that we get.
Happy hunting!

10 thoughts on “Love me, love my Red Lips

  1. Love that pic – you certainly rock a fab red lip. Until about a year ago I used to be terrified of red lipstick I started off just wearing it at home but once you find the right colours that suit it really is transforming. Ruby Woo is an amazing colour but sadly my dry lips can’t take the formula.

  2. I’m one of those girls who’d love to rock a red lip but is yet to find ‘my red’. I think an afternoon in at the make-up counters is in order!

  3. Fab post Nikki and red definitely ‘suit s you madam, yes suits you!’ Haha, apologies but, yes finding a red to suit can sometimes be as hard as getting the ‘right’ foundation. I don’t suit bluey reds so orangey tones or burgundies are better on me. I have a nice Nars audacious true red that I wear at Christmas but need a couple more to add. Im loving the berry lips right now x

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