What’s in my make-up bag? Part 3

My make-up for lips
My make-up for lips

So here’s my final make-up bag update. This is probably the area where I am most easily drawn into trying new products. I am forever on the search for MY perfect red lippy and I think I may have just found THE ONE below…

Before I apply any make-up to my face I always prime my lips and my product is of choice is Lola Lip Primer. This softens my lips without making them too glossy for my lipstick application later. This is important as I mainly wear more matte-style lipsticks.

Liner-wise it depends on what lipsticks I’m wearing. For more neutral shades or gloss I choose Studio 10 Age Reverse Perfecting Lipliner. This is a perfect lip shade of pink – not brown like many nudes. The pencil is double-ended and the cream-toned end is perfect for lining just outside the lips to give the impression of more volume.

My most-worn lip look is bright! For liner I use Charlotte Tilbury Re-Shape and Re-Size Lip Liner in shade Kiss and Tell. I line my lips then apply lip colour. A strong lip needs to be perfectly formed so I then line outside my lips with Rimmel Transparent Lipliner. This prevents any bleeding of the lipstick. A couple of premium brands have a transparent liner but this does the same and is miles cheaper at around ยฃ3.

Gloss-wise my current faves are Chanel sheer lipgloss in this bright pink – I can’t read the shade name as it’s so small!!!! For a little more colour Studio 10 has just launched Long Last Velvet Liquid Lips. I love this Tea Rose shade. This gives pigment and a soft sheen without drying or feeling sticky.

So cue the drumroll – here is possibly my holy grail of lipstick – Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Red Carpet Red and Lost Cherry! These lipsticks are the new modern matte – long-lasting and non-drying. They give long wear and comfort. Red Carpet Red is the most divine shade of a bluer-toned ruby red which I currently feel will be my forever red. Lost Cherry is a pop of pink – very modern. I sometimes wear the Red Carpet Red with a pop of Lost Cherry in the centre of my lips. This brings a further dimension to the lips. I also have to mention the divine packaging. Rose gold and oh so sexy! These lipsticks are not cheap but I really believe that pulling a lipstick like this out of your bag makes you feel so bloody good!!!!

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