My summer skincare routine – favourites and new finds!

NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex
NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex

I have had many questions recently asking me how we should change up our skincare routine in these summer months. I thought I’d give you a little review of what I’m currently using to keep my skin hydrated and bright during this warmer weather.

My cleansing routine doesn’t really change year round as I always use a balm in the evening and more of a wash-off cleanser in the morning. I remove my eye make-up with Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Make Up Remover and follow with Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm to throughly remove all make-up and SPF. In the morning I cleanse my skin with Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash which has a mild exfoliating action without any beads.

My morning routine then consists of a fresh from the fridge spritz of Institut Esthederm Cellular Water which contains mineral salts and trace elements to hydrate my skin.

Now for the serious skincare – I am currently trialling three new products from the NIOD range by Deciem. Whilst at the fridge I apply three drops of NIOD Copper Amino Isolate serum 1%. This serum is designed to tackle all aspects of visible ageing by making the skin look and act younger. The product arrives in two bottles. One with the copper powder and the other with the activator. I mixed these together and then keep the product refrigerated to keep it active. I then follow this with NIOD Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex. This new serum is a must-have for hydration as it contains 12 different forms of Hyaluronic.Β  I have been using these two new NIOD products for the last two weeks and have seen my skin improve in both tone and texture. I am also noticing a youthful bounce returning to my face.

NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1%
NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1%

My morning routine finishes with Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye cream as it’s a perfect base for concealer and keeps my eye area hydrated all day. I am currently trialling Filorga UV defence as my daytime moisturiser and SPF all-in-one. It has a light easy to blend texture with no white cast and an SPF50 which is perfect for these summer days. It contains hop extract which helps to regulate melanin production so this in turn helps reduce the appearance of pigmentation. I have also found that make-up applies very well over this product with no rolling.

My evening routine after cleansing comprises of Zelens Resurfacing Facial pads which gently exfoliate with a blend of AHA and BHA. I then repeat my morning routine of the NIOD Copper serum and the NIOD Hyaluronic complex. For evening I then follow with a couple of drops of Antonia Burrell Radiant Light Facial Serum Oil. Antonia is an amazing Facialist who has created a simple but highly effective line of natural skincare. This oil is made up of 18 pure plant extracts to improve skin texture and tone. Since using this wonderfully scented oil I have noticed I am waking to a brighter, fresher skin.

Last but not least is my final new product from NIOD. This is brand new and currently flying off the virtual shelves at the Victoria Health website. The Lip Bio-Lipid concentrate is designed to plump the lips without the need for fillers. Any lip plumper I have previously used only had a brief cosmetic action however this product promises to deliver long term improvements too. This serum targets both collagen and hyaluronic acid production and also helps the lips retain moisture. I have been using this concentrate both am and pm for six days now and can see a significant improvement in the fullness and smoothness of my lips. NIOD recommend that you apply twice daily for thirty days and then reduce application to once a day.

That’s my updated summer routine that my 45 year old skin is loving – all of the above products are suitable for most skin types but please remember to always wear your SPF daily especially if you’re using any resurfacing type products.

16 thoughts on “My summer skincare routine – favourites and new finds!

  1. I was reading a blog by Brandon truxe saying that the 1% CAIS shouldn’t be applied to the face after using acidic cleansers or toners as they alter the pH of the skin therefore there should be a 30 minute after use before applying the CAIS or apply CAIS after using non acidic cleanser then leave 30 seconds to absorb then use acidic toner afterwards. Please could you confirm as I use an acidic toner and am very interested in the CAIS. Thank you. Sammy

    1. Sammy – yes that’s correct leave a gap
      I personally prefer to cleanse and then acid tone on getting home and then I apply my NIOD before bed – hope this helps

      1. Brilliant.thank you Nikki. Couldn’t do without my acid toner and would hate to drop it from my routine. I find it does help. Thank you. Mega quick reply!

  2. Hi nikki πŸ˜‰first of all u look fantastic for 45 πŸ˜† I wonder if u could help me out here I interested in CAIS but they said should u acid cleanser as I have no idea what is acid cleanser or non acid please help me to understand a bit more as I use most of elemis cleanser and alpha h … alpha h probably acid??? How about tri enzyme???? And how about if I use acid cleanser then use gentle tone can I still following CAIS or do I still have to wait 30 mins thank you so much πŸ˜ƒ

    1. Hey – you don’t have to use an acid cleanser – I use NIOD cleaning ester pm and Elemis tri enzyme am
      You can follow with your non acid toner and then CAIS
      If you use an acid toner such as Liquid gold or PiXi glow then you must wait 30 mins after toning before you apply CAIS
      Hope this all makes sense
      And thank you so much for your wonderful compliment !

      1. Thank you so much for yr super fast response and all the answers I needed πŸ˜‰ love to try CAIS as long term benefits sound interesting! !! Thanks again nikki πŸ˜†

      2. My pleasure – I love the CAIS and the MMHC – and you can add them into any routine – let me know how you get on !

  3. I Will definitely do let u know how I get on πŸ˜ƒlove yr blog and all useful information πŸ‘ great job !!! Thank you

  4. Hello Nikki

    I am currently transitioning my current skin care regimen to NIOD regimen and below is what I am doing:


    Lytera (from Skinmedica for Hyperpigmentation)


    CAIS (wait 30-min)
    Retin-A (wait 30-min)
    TNS Serum

    I hope you will indulge me and answer a few questions.

    1. Is my regimen and the sequence correct? Do you see any issues here?

    2. I currently use a Clarisonic brush with a cleanser. I use this to get better cleaning, unclog pores, prevent acne etc. What are your thoughts on mechanical exfoliation using Clarisonic? Would I be able to use Clarisonic with LVCE?

    3. I have also been using a chemical peel (twice a week with Salicylic acid, Lactic acid and Glycolic acid) and also a 5% Glycolic acid toner every day mainly for exfoliation, removing blemishes and for even skin tone and texture – as well as reducing pores. From what I understand, NIOD philosophy does not recommend AHA/BHA acids. So, would using NAAP alone accomplish the same results as chemical peels and toner? Or would you recommend using NAAP in addition to chemical peels and acid toner?

    4. I currently use 0.25% Retin-A. Would it be ok to use both Retin-A and NAAP on the same night?

    5. Do you recommend using a moisturizing cream in addition to HV? My skin is combination, acne prone and on the oily side.

    6. I use Skinceuticals tinted sunscreen. Would photography fluid work well on top of tinted sunscreens?

    Appreciate your advice

    1. Ok – here goes ….
      Am is good however I would use your HV last and your product for pigmentation before HV.
      Use eye cream before HV – HV should go on last .
      I am not familiar with TNS serum but looking at ingredients it could be that you’re overlapping on some ingredients so I would use either TNS or NIOD serums

      You can use LVCE with a cleaning brush
      I personally feel that you are using too many actives in form of Retin A and AHA/BHA.
      You would either use these or NAAP
      I would suggest that you are over stimulating your skin which is why you are prone to oiliness and acne
      I would use cleansing brush only twice a week and as I say using either Retinol and Acid type products or NAAP.
      Great to see you’re using a sunscreen and yes you could use photo fluid order it or even mix one drop with your sunscreen.

  5. Hi nikki
    Sorry to ask again ,didn’t really understand use of retinol and Niod serum ,can I use cais / serum / first then my retinol products on top that is day and night
    Thanks Annette

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