The New NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 12% from Deciem

I have been trialling and enjoying several Deciem products and dived online to purchase this latest product as it was reported to be heading for a sell out fast!

The NIOD brand is available exclusively on the Victoria Health website which has the reputation for finding and nurturing innovative brands.  Gill, the founder of Victoria Health is working closely with Deciem’s founder Brandon on the launch of NIOD and its exceptionally exciting products.

So, onto their latest launch and my newest thrill – NIOD Photography Fluid.

This product is described as an advanced, colourless priming fluid that gives you a skin that is radiant in real life but specifically through the camera lens.  It is for this reason it has been already labelled the ‘selfie serum’.  This claim proved itself very quickly to me.  Although I had used the product for several days with great results, it wasn’t until I watched back the results of a day’s filming that I realised the impact this product has in front of the camera.

The formulation offers immediate hydration that lasts for 48hrs after each application.  With the inclusion of the pigments this fluid is not greatly emollient, so I prefer to either mix a drop with my moisturiser or my foundation.  The result you see is as if a lightbulb has been switched on within the skin.  It has no large glitter particles nor does it have the silicone feel of many primers.

NIOD Photography Fluid was featured in our June product review – see the video clip below.

Here is a little techno info on how NIOD Photography Fluid works.

Firstly it contains ultra fine light refraction particles which refract the light to create an even toned appearance to the skin.

Nano prismatic gold technology gives natural golden warmth to the skin and a new patented bio fruit complex from Dragon Fruit brings immediate radiance to the skin.

The addition of hue correction technologies knocks out the red tones in the skin and also minimises yellow tones too.

The priming action comes from a lightweight breathable film that is perspiration resilient and gives long wear to the light correction benefits described above.

So in short it’s a little bottle of magic and one that I have already recommended to many friends and even to one of the most respected makeup artists in the UK.

NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 12% 30ml – £20 available from Victoria Health

3 thoughts on “The New NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 12% from Deciem

  1. I’ve just bought this Nikki and really love it. Does it have to be a fluid foundation or can I use on LG BB or Bare Minerals as I don’t like to be made up heavily and still see the results, thank you and love reading your pages xx

  2. I don’t know why this gets such mixed reviews on every retail site. I think this is a wonderful product. I suspect people are just applying it incorrectly. As it is thick and tends to set quickly, I too mix mine with moisturizer and apply it all over my face, even down my neck. Just one drop is enough to get that glow! Love this product !

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