Cosmetics On A Budget Part Three – Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution at Superdrug and

Having heard so much about this brand online I ventured out to purchase some products. I had to fight my way to the stand through lots of teenagers! This brand is labelled designed in UK and manufactured in China.

Redemption palette L-R Iconic 1 and Iconic 2 £4.00

These gorgeous eyeshadow palettes are so desirable and at the ridiculously low price it is very tempting to buy all the colourways available. Each palette contains twelve eyeshadows in a mix of matte and shimmer. Colour pay-off, texture and tones are all superb in these palettes.

Awesome Pout and Gloss Collection

I purchased this set for around £8. It was one of their Christmas gift sets and sold out very quickly. It contains three Super Hydrating Lip Crayons which as far as I can see cannot be purchased in the regular line-up. All three shades are super bright and so perfect for evening wear, a summer pop or if you are like me everyday! The lip gloss in the set doesn’t appear to have a shade name however is a very pretty sheer shot through with gold shimmer. Unfortunately for me it is so heavily fragranced it smells like orange squash!!! Finally the set also contains a double handbag mirror.

My wins for this brand so far are without doubt the eyeshadow palettes however I am going to venture in and squeeze through the crowds to get my hands on some more products. Oh and by the way in my experience do not put the tester you find instore anywhere near your face as they’ve had many a grubby mitt on them!

Purse-friendly cosmetic shopping to support that ‘no-spend January’ I found to be sometimes less civilised than shopping at a department store counter and often more challenged with regards to being able to test the products. But that said some of these pieces are too good to miss!


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